Welcome to This Great, Big World of Shipping !!

Today, we are living in an astounding age, an age of rapid advancement. One cannot fathom the pace at which “man” is chugging along into the future. Since the invention of the wheel, transport has taken a major leap.

Probably, without transport man could have achieved nothing. More and more companies are looking forward to “reliability” and “speed” when it comes to the Sea – Transport.

In this respect, Unimarine Agencies Pvt. Ltd. is a major force to reckon with. As it stands today, Unimarine Agencies Pvt. Ltd. can be said to be second to none in terms of Management, Reliability and Stature.

As our prospective customer, you will certainly find our little concise brochure, a gauge, by which you can measure our “weight” as a true Shipping Enterprise. Thus, with this positive frame of mind and attitude set, we would like to lead you into this guide which says it all.